30th Birthday Gifts for Women

She's turning 30 and it's time to go gift shopping. This new decade ahead of her will present new opportunities as well as new challenges. Women in their thirties often have to answer the big questions they've delayed for so long. Like, is it the right time to have a child? Or, should I make a career change? Gifts that can speak to these issues, plus share wisdom from those who have crossed this path would be great gift ideas for a woman in her thirties.

Prayers Answered

So you’re schedule is pretty hectic, and you simply can’t squeeze anytime to buy a gift for her 30th birthday. You’re going to want something that isn’t too pricey, but is still meaningful. Well, have no fear. Buying gifts online is convenient and offers tons more gift-giving options to choose from than just browsing in a store. Listed below are a few ideas that you might not have already considered.

Words of Advice:

For the woman turning thirty, there are a lot of problems that come along in her new stage of life – her biological clock starts ticking, questions on career choice, marital possibilities if still single – so it’d be nice to have some sort of a guidebook or words of wisdom from women who’ve already gone through that stage in life. Midlife Crisis at 30 is a book that does exactly that. The authors, both producers at major network stations, have done the research and provided examples of high-achieving women on how they handled having a mid-life crisis at 30. Senators and popular fitness coaches input their own advice that helped them in their moment of crises and also insight on what caused them to be successful in their later years.

If you want to include your own words of wisdom along with your gift, Wise Women Speak to the Woman Turning 30 (Capital Lifestyles) is another gift book to consider. It has words of wisdom for the woman turning 30, but also has blank pages that you, or others, can write to make the gift a little more meaningful. It’d be like a yearbook type gift that she can keep and refer back to for years to come. This book offers positive words of encouragement and also has illustrations that are sure to charm the birthday girl.

Gift Basket Bonanza:

Make her feel like she’s hit the jackpot with a gift basket. Gift baskets don’t always have to be food either, this Spa-in-a-basket will definitely make her feel like a queen if the party itself hasn’t already. All she needs are muscular men feeding her grapes to complete the illusion. This picnic basket full of goodies has slippers, bath salts, gel, lotion and anything else that’ll make her feel beautiful. Another gift basket option is the Ginger therapy gift set. It includes some of the same items but in a hand-woven basket.

If presentation isn’t all the important to you, then Burt’s Bees Head To Toe Kit is another gift basket option to consider. The Burt’s Bees kit is very popular on Amazon. It’s not packaged in a hand-woven basket or anything, just cardboard, but the packaging doesn’t at all detract from the product. This company is known for its natural ingredients and earth-friendly business practices. This gift set includes beeswax lip balm, milk & honey body lotion, coconut foot creme, rosemary mint shampoo bar and many more. She will feel good in body and in conscience knowing that this company is environmentally safe.

Let’s go Back to the Future…Again:

Another good 30th birthday gift would be media released on the day she was born. It’d be nice to have a little compilation of music, movies, books or anything else that might help her recollect what the times were like back then. You can also find newspapers from when they were born so they can read headlines from major cities in the US. Of course, any coupons would be well beyond their expiration date, but would still make a good keepsake.

Nostalgic candy is yet another gift option to the person turning 30. Just think of the joy you’ll have watching her unwrap that thirty year old package of Now & Laters and shoving them down with a look of forced appreciation. Can’t get any better than that. Actually, it’s not literally thirty year old candy, just recently packaged candy from that era, but that’d be fun if it were.

The Tried and True:

Depending on how close you are to the person, it should determine what type of gift you will choose. There’s no need to spend too much if you don’t know her that well, but of course value isn’t always tied to money. Something personal and from the heart can be as valuable, or more, than expensive jewelry or clothing. Also, try to pick something unique because there’s nothing worse than duplicate gifts being given at a party. But if all else fails, you could always give the tried and true gift card It allows her to shop for whatever item she wants, and you could just put thirty dollars on it to account for all the years she’s been alive. It might not be as personal but you can always include another gift. Anyway, good luck and wish her Happy Birthday!

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