Audiovox Overhead DVD Players

Overhead DVD players can make your family trip a dream come true. Imagine everyone peaceful and quiet while you travel to the preferred theme park. No kids shouting or fighting, everyone respectful of each and no having to pull out the classic "Don't make me pull over" phrase. Overhead DVD players will garner the attention of the little ones in the back seat, so much so they'll forget to asks if they've arrived yet. Here are a few from Audiovox that are sure to make your dreams come true.

Audiovox, established in 1965, has become known for annexing different companies throughout their history; the relic of the electronic industry RCA, Terk Technologies – which vastly improved their satellite radio market – and just recently in 2010, Invision Industries, a manufacturer of backseat entertainment (overheard DVD players, headrest DVD players). And because of that acquisition, along with OEM programs and security products, sales rose 20.5 percent from 79 million in the 2nd quarter of the 2011 fiscal year. But that didn’t help domestically as people aren’t buying consumer electronics for automobiles. The auto industry is still not where it was before the recession in the US. Even so, I’ve decided to feature some of their overhead DVD players since that’s what Invision Industries does best. This, along with other things, might improve their top line before finishing off the 2011 fiscal year.


The VOD128A is a 12.1″ overhead DVD player from Audiovox with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s not that popular and is a little pricey at over a 1000 dollars; it comes in at 90 in the top selling overhead DVD players on Amazon. The cost is a huge deterrent, but it packs in some features. You get a remote, a mounting bracket, two wireless IR headphones, and get this, two wireless game controllers with 30 games. The controllers resemble Xbox 360 controllers, but I’m sure they’re far inferior. It also has dome lights, USB/SD port (store movies on a flash drive/memory card instead of carrying discs), A/V inputs – all expected with something this pricey – and also an FM modulator so you can listen to your movies via the car stereo.


Another one is the MMD11A with an 11″ monitor. This one’s a whole lot cheaper, but still expensive (strange how that works). It’s 339.10 on Amazon. Only thing is, headphones don’t come with, but you do get a remote control with batteries! Exciting isn’t it? Get your breathing apparatus for this next bit. The MMD11A has a nice silver and black finish and has been reviewed as having good picture quality. Also, this DVD player has no USB or SD card slots; you’ll have to carrying around a bunch of discs. Sorry. On Amazon there is only one review, but if you check Google Shopping you can find others. There are some conflicting pros and cons. Some people complain that the dome lights on the DVD player don’t sync well with the interior lights in the vehicle, but someone else found they worked pretty well and listed it as one of the pros. I guess, like all electronics, you may get a defective part, but luckily Amazon has a good return policy. They also have SquareTrade Warranty for electronics at different prices depending on how much you want covered.


Last but not least is the 10.2″ VOD108 from Audiovox. Price has been slashed in half! And they seem to be running low on stock over at Amazon. So it must be popular! This one has a USB port; 2400 x 480 resolution and can play NTSC, PAL DVD formats. It also has a game controller included (again, don’t expect Xbox 360 quality). There are only two customer reviews on Amazon, but both give this product 5 stars. It’s also ranked 35 on Amazon’s bestseller list for overhead DVD players. More people buy from Amazon since it’s usually cheaper than if you shopped elsewhere. I checked “Google Shopping” and found they have the lowest price.

So there you have it, overhead DVD players are, if not in high demand, in relatively good demand from stores; they aren’t flying of the shelves, but come back in a month and you may not see the same one you saw last time. The top line for international gross income was good for Audiovox, but in the US they are suffering. Hopefully with a new congress we can pick up the US economy so people can start buying these at a faster rate. This is of the utmost importance in national security!

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