The Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players

Keep the kids happy while preventing tussles with the remote control with a Dual-Screen DVD Player. Take a look at select Dual-Screen DVD Players and find out which one matches your taste.

If you have a family and tend to take road trips a lot then you’d want to know what duel screen portable DVD players you can buy that have high customer review ratings and minimal defective units. These three fit those categories thus making them one of the best duel screen portable DVD players you can buy.

The Philips PD7012/37 7″ dual screen portable DVD player is the highest rated dual screen player at Amazon. Along with DVD, this player is compatible with CD, MP3 and (S)VCD. Also, if you happen to cut your drive a bit short while watching a movie, it will remember where you left off. And if you’re at a hotel with a TV minus a DVD player, just use the AV cable included to hook it up to the TV and watch your favorite movies. A great buy if you have kids and like to go on road trips a lot.

The Axion 7-Inch dual screen portable DVD player model number AXN-6979 is a highly rated product on Amazon. It has 1440 x 234 resolution and a better than average 400:1 contrast ratio. For an inexpensive product they didn’t spare much on picture quality. Axion typically has high reviews for portable DVD players simply because they have minimal defective units and low cost. Mind you, there are a couple defective units that go out, but Axion includes a 1 year warranty for this product, which is better than other brands who only give you 90 days. All your brands have defective units, but not all have a good warranty. Some features include an AV jack that allows you to hook up other devices like game console’s so you’re kids can play if they get tired of movies, and a carrying case you can keep the players in to prevent damage.

The thoroughly reviewed Philips 7″ dual screen portable DVD player model number PET7402/37 is another one of the best you can buy for in-car entertainment. Philips’ duel screen players are the highest and most popular at Amazon. This product has been around for awhile (since 2004) so has been marked down considerably. It doesn’t have too many extra features, it’s just an easy to install player that’ll keep the kids occupied while you drive to your destination. The best thing about this is the low cost and reliability. 46 out of 66 rate this 4 stars or higher.

If you’ve been shopping for a portable DVD player and have your eye on one that’s not listed here, before you make a purchase, make sure you find out what the the worst portable DVD players to save you time and money.

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