Worst Dual Screen Portable DVD Players

You might not have heard of a few of these companies so you're probably not aware of the less-than-perfect devices they manufacture. Included in this article are a few of the worst Dual Screen Portable DVD Players that you can find given that title by various owners.

No one willingly pays money for a product that doesn’t work. But often times that happens when people purchase dual screen portable DVD players. With that being the case, it’s wise to check for user information in hopes of avoiding buying a defective product. Here I listed a few of the worst along with some alternatives from the same companies.

The Polaroid 8″ Dual Screen Portable DVD DPA-08055S with game controller is one of the worst portable DVD players you can buy. There are problems with skipping, headrests, and the device simply not working at all. It’ll skip and restart a movie with the slightest bump or vibration you have in your vehicle. You won’t get past the opening credits throughout the duration of your trip. With the Electronic Skip Protection (ESP) feature on this player, it makes me wonder if the specialized electronic technicians over at Polaroid really know, by definition, what the word “skip” means.

With the headrests positive and negative reviewers agree this is one of the most difficult portable DVD players to fasten onto your seat. One reviewer who rated positively said you had to “use your imagination” to fit the headrest on properly. I’d rather imagine myself not taking hours figuring out how to put a DVD player in my car. Now, to say that there are positive reviews means that maybe this player isn’t bad after all. But when you take into account that the “Product Description” page on Amazon has a disclaimer warning customers to review the return policy before purchase. That’s not a good sign. That means too many defective parts being sent out, and that doesn’t bode well for Polaroid. Luckily, they have a higher rated portable DVD player in the DPA-07051 7. If you search for this portable DVD player in Google Shopping you’ll see the list of positive ratings.

Another dual screen portable DVD player to avoid is the Sylvania SDVD8730. You have to wonder if there’s any relation to Transylvania because of the nightmarish experience you’ll have using this product. There are issues with customer service, screens not working, and cheap manufacturing material causing way too many defective parts. Again with the straps you have to use your Macgyver instincts to fasten it on. Make sure your portable DVD player works so you wouldn’t have wasted your time and material (glue, duct tape, nail-gun etc.) trying to attach it to your seat. A higher-rated model is the SDVD8727 which, with all the positive reviews, redeems this company’s portable DVD market. Either they had less defective units released or simply knew how to make them back then, the 7″ SDVD8727 is long lasting and has quality picture and sound.

Last but not least (or maybe it is), is the RCA Twin Mobile DVD player with 8″ screens. The model number for this is DRC6282. The bad thing about this is that the price is close to 300 bucks, yet they have too many defective parts. You can buy a dual screen DVD player for a lot less and be able to afford a special warranty that Amazon offers. They will cover your device for 3 years, fixing any electrical issues or simply replace it for you. You don’t want to be the unlucky guy who returns his defective player only to receive a defective replacement, which has happened with this product. A higher-rated alternative from this company would be the cheaper DRC6272 twin screen portable DVD player.

Who doesn’t love rating systems? Now you know the worst, check out the best portable DVD players for individual use. Alternatively, these are the best Dual screen portable DVD players you can find.

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